About Us

Welcome to Modern Settlers! We are Jesy & Roman, from sunny California. We’re not trying to escape civilization, or become completely self-sufficient. We don’t hate the government, and we’re not prepping for “doomsday”. We’re just ordinary folks who want more from life than what comes in a box, living on a half-acre homestead.

Since neither of us grew up on a farm, or even in the country, we’ve been hitting the books, researching, and learning by trial and error. It’s been a lot of hard work, but so worth it.

Jesy is a hairstylist, crafter, and home keeper. She helps with building projects around the farm and keeps the inside of the house under control. The paperwork, cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping and the like are her domain.

Roman is a designer and former infantryman, balancing the 9-5 and taking care of the farm.