Building simple raised planter beds

Once we got everything going in the large planter beds, we realized quickly that we were going to need more space for vining things. The cucumbers, squash, pumpkins and the like were all going to need way more space. Since we built the initial beds with a good amount of space in between, we were able to add the lower beds right in between. They are a more simple design and built primarily for plants that need room to vine and spread.

We made our beds to fit our specific situation. The dimensions we ended up with were 72″x 40″ and were constructed with:

  • (1) 4′ redwood 4×4, cut into four 12″ pieces
  • (3) 8′ 2×10’s  – two cut to length for the sides, and one cut into two for the ends.
  • (16) 4″ lag screws

Once all wood has been cut down to size, it’s just a matter of screwing things together. The 4×4’s will function as the corner posts, and depending on your preference, can be fixed to the inside or outside of the bed. We chose to position them inside. Each board received two lag screws to attach it to the corner post. These corner posts should be flush with the top of the 2×10, and will extend a bit to form a short leg. We dug shallow holes in the ground for the excess to sit, acting as a bit of an anchor to keep the raised bed from shifting while being filled, or if bumped by the mower. Once all sides are attached, we stapled two layers of gopher wire to the bottom, and then painted the wood with a 7-year protectant and stain. To keep weeds from growing up though the bed, we put down a layer of cardboard in each. Last: fill with dirt, seedlings, and top with a trellis. Check out our post on building cheap and easy hog panel trellises.

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