Keepin’ it real about Pinterest worthy outdoor spaces!

You’ve seen these perfectly staged outdoor spaces on Pinterest. You Pin them and drool and dream. The funny thing is, what none of those pictures show, is that you have to WORK to maintain that perfection.

StagedFurnitureTeakDisrepairAt the very least, teak furniture needs to be oiled twice a year and should be vacuumed and wiped down every season. The photo to the left shows what happens to teak if left in the elements without being oiled regularly. Restoring teak is possible, but regular care is much easier. The cushion covers also need to be washed at least twice a year. As with any surface, the sooner spills are wiped up, the better.

It has been warm enough lately to warrant some serious patio time. I mostly neglected the patio all winter. It was cold and windy and just not welcoming at all. That’s my reason and I’m sticking to it! I’m a bum in the winter.

I started out by vacuuming all of the upholstery and corners and crevices. (Spiders find corners of furniture a perfect place to hang out.)

SpringFurniture2I recently purchased the Clean Mama Essentials Kit by Murchison-Hume. I have been using all four of the products around the house and I love every one of them. I used the Everyday Furniture & Upholstery Cleaner to wipe down every inch of the teak patio furniture.


The left side of the table has been wiped down and right side is how it looked after a season of being neglected. It really tidied up and shined the teak. This took me about 3 hours over 2 days. Not too bad for once a season!  The cushion covers were in the washer machine on the first day and hanging to dry the second day.

The patio is so much more inviting when it is all tidy.


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4 thoughts on “Keepin’ it real about Pinterest worthy outdoor spaces!

  1. Mary Curran-Downey says:

    Hi guys…Love the site and love the tip about outdoor furniture. Looking forward to reading all of your posts.

    Mary C-D

    1. Jesy says:

      Thank you for checking out the site Mary! Hope all is well in SoCal! <3 Jesy

  2. Interested Reader says:

    Passing this info along to my daughter–her teak table looks terrible after much washing and no oiling (a toddler at the table).
    Thanks! Very helpful tips.

    1. Jesy says:

      Excellent! Glad to help! Thanks for checking out the site!

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