Making room for a new fridge

The refrigerator that came with our house was, for a long time a detriment to our way of life. There was a weird condensation leak that I needed to put a dish under, the freezer was on top and it was tiny.

Last June 13 (2015), we pulled the trigger on prepping the kitchen for a new refrigerator. When the house was built in 1956, I’m sure the tiny refrigerator was sufficient. We found out from one of the ladies who grew up here that it was turquoise like the tiles, stove and oven so I’m positive it was state of the art and super trendy for the time.

In order to make room for a newer, bigger, modern fridge, we were going to have to do some demolition. We had to sacrifice some cabinet space, but the overall positive change in our way of life has been way worth it.

The cabinets are custom, handmade, tough as nails and utterly legit. It took quite a bit of elbow grease to break them down. Thankfully hubby is bigger than I am and handled it, but I sure took a stab at it!! It was actually a bit sad to take them down, because they don’t make cabinetry like that anymore. 

The original upper cabinets hung too low for the new fridge, so I decided we could keep some of the storage by simply cutting the lower bit off and then use part of the long cabinet doors we sacrificed as a new bottom. It worked surprisingly well. Thank goodness for hubby's skills with power tools.

The final step, which I didn't get around to until about 5 months later was to paint the space. It was as simple as matching the paint as best as I could and then to sand down the wall a bit. 

The new fridge is a double door with a freezer on the bottom. There is a water dispenser and ice maker and it is utterly magical. Our quality of life has vastly improved. so much space for veggies!!

We’ve been very lucky with this house. The previous owners took excellent care of it and it is a pretty great floor plan to start with. Eventually, we will have to update the bathrooms and definitely remodel and open up the kitchen, but for now small changes like this are making all the difference.


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