Breakfast smoothies in the Vitamix

A few months ago we went one step further into our juicing. In addition to our Breville juicer we added a VitaMix to our collection.

A few times a week I will juice oranges, carrots and apples and keep it in a vacuum sealed container. I usually make enough for two days worth of smoothies.

The VitaMix is an incredible machine, but to get the best use out of it, the ingredients should be added in a certain order.

I first add the juice, then Greek yogurt, followed by frozen fruit and blueberries.  I top it off with a handful of kale and a bit more juice. Using the variable speed option, I flip the switch on starting at “1” and slowly turn it up to about “4” and let it chomp through for about 30 seconds. Then turn it up to about “6” and let it chomp for another 30 seconds before turning it up to high speed for a full minute.

The result is a creamy, nutrient rich drink that is refreshing and a great start to the day. The color can be more or less appealing depending on how much kale/spinach is added, but it will always be quite tasty.

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3 thoughts on “Breakfast smoothies in the Vitamix

  1. Patrick says:

    Awesome, I’m going to try this out, I have a Vitamix that I’ve been making green smoothies in for a while now I love it. If you’re curious..
    Handful of kale.
    Handful of baby spinach.
    Half a green apple.
    4 inch slice of peeled cucumber.
    About a cup of orange juice. (more or less depending on preference)
    Ice.. up to you how much to add. I usually add 5-10 cubes.

    1. Jesy says:

      Thanks for the recipe Patrick! We’ll have to give it a go! Heavens know we have lots of cucumber to use up! <3 Jesy

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